When Your Plate is Full & Your Cup is Empty

I’m tired, y’all. Drained. Exhausted…and I don’t even have kids. (Special shoutout to all the Mommas out there, you go girl!) Life has been one thing after another lately- A sick grandmother, issues finding a rent house, a sick grandfather, a little brother needing encouragement, a run-down car, friends in toxic relationships. From hospital visits… Continue reading When Your Plate is Full & Your Cup is Empty


A Love Letter to my Single Friends

As a 20-something with lots of girlfriends, dating comes up often in conversation. I have four close friends engaged, FOUR. A few of the others are in steady relationships and the rest are attempting to navigate dating as a young adult (AKA the rest are confused as heck). At one time or another they have… Continue reading A Love Letter to my Single Friends


A Luke 7 Woman

I want to be a Proverbs 31 kinda gal. You know, the one more precious than rubies. The woman who rises early, works diligently, loves steadfastly, and serves her Lord relentlessly. We all want to be her, right? Here’s the thing… We have to be a Luke 7 woman first.   In Luke 7, starting at… Continue reading A Luke 7 Woman

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We All Fall

Remember that post about seeking my Savior, the one where I intended on diving into this new, unknown territory with a steadfast heart and focused mind…? Well, I blew it. Big time. Last Sunday I found my hard, strong exterior crushed. With tears rolling down each cheek, I confessed to my closest, most-trusted friends what had… Continue reading We All Fall


Jesus Found Me

Jesus found Zacchaeus. He sought him, actually. Our Jesus, sweet, perfect, and untainted, went to the house of a filthy, stealing tax collector. Jesus found Zacchaeus to bring salvation and redemption to a man with a dark, deceptive past. Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through.  A man was there by the name of Zacchaeus;… Continue reading Jesus Found Me

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I Am Not My Parents’ Divorce

I can recount every detail about the day I found out my parents were “not going to be together anymore.” I was sweaty-faced and my tangly hair was somewhat pulled back in a scrunchie.  I had on my favorite Limited Too t-shirt with a cool astronaut chick on the front with some Old Navy blue jeans shorts. Mom… Continue reading I Am Not My Parents’ Divorce


Give up the Good for God

I have a really good life. I went to a good college and I have a good job. I’ve made good decisions (for the most part) and I’ve accomplished some good things. I have good friends and a good dog. But we are not called to live good lives. Even with a good job, a good home,… Continue reading Give up the Good for God