Here I have listed some of my favorite devotionals and blogs where I seek truth, support and inspiration:


Jesus Calling: My sweet Mom got me the Jesus Calling flip-calendar. Each daily devotional is straight from God’s Word and promises for you to keep on your heart all day long. I read this first thing in the morning and have it on my desk at work for all to enjoy!

She Reads Truth: This site has become my lunch break devotional. The authors deliver the Scripture through relatable and often humorous stories. I like to sit down with my Bible, journal, and coffee and dig into the Truth.


Gina Falcon: This lovely lady is a member of my church and a true light. Her words are sweet and full of Jesus.

Crowns of Violet: My college best friend just so happens to be one of the most creative, talented, inspiring, fashionable and adventurous humans. She puts all of her talents and passions to work here.