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I’m Tired of Hearing my Friends Say…

When you get a bunch of twenty-something gals together the conversation usually revolves around guys and grub. “How are you and so-and-so?” followed shortly with “Man, I could really go for a large pizza and a DQ Blizzard right now.” Oh good gravy, I love food and I love my friends. I love them so… Continue reading I’m Tired of Hearing my Friends Say…


A Love Letter to my Single Friends

As a 20-something with lots of girlfriends, dating comes up often in conversation. I have four close friends engaged, FOUR. A few of the others are in steady relationships and the rest are attempting to navigate dating as a young adult (AKA the rest are confused as heck). At one time or another they have… Continue reading A Love Letter to my Single Friends


Setting the Standards

Imagine your¬†future relationship, your spouse, your marriage. What does it look like? What does it feel like? ¬†What are your standards? After a long-term relationship ended, a precious mentor of mine said to literally list out the things that were “must-haves”…and then to patiently wait until you got just that…easier said than done, friends. I… Continue reading Setting the Standards