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On Pepaw’s Porch

The day of my Granny’s funeral I went and drank coffee on the porch with my Pepaw. He had quickly become a shell of the strong grandpa he once was, so I promised a coffee date in hopes to lift his spirits. As I was leaving I told him to stay strong and to fight.… Continue reading On Pepaw’s Porch

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To My Granny as She Forgets,

*I started this post about 3 months ago shortly after my Granny had a heart attack. She fully recovered, but unfortunately had another heart attack a few weeks ago that she did not survive. It was bittersweet to read this and it has taken some time to post since she passed. However, I am confident… Continue reading To My Granny as She Forgets,

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We All Fall

Remember that post about A New Season of singleness and seeking my Savior, the one where I intended on diving into this new, unknown territory with a steadfast heart and focused mind…? Well, I blew it. Big time. Last Sunday I found my hard, strong exterior crushed. With tears rolling down each cheek, I confessed… Continue reading We All Fall

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I Am Not My Parents’ Divorce

I can recount every detail about the day I found out my parents were “not going to be together anymore.” I was sweaty-faced and my tangly hair was somewhat pulled back in a scrunchie.  I had on my favorite Limited Too t-shirt with a cool astronaut chick on the front with some Old Navy blue jeans shorts. Mom… Continue reading I Am Not My Parents’ Divorce

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That’s What Friends Are For

“Keep smilin’, keep shinin’ Knowing you can always count on me for sure. That’s what friends are for. For good times and bad times, I’ll be on your side forever more. That’s what friends are for.” That IS what friends are for, to be there through every high and low, supporting, encouraging, and loving you. However,… Continue reading That’s What Friends Are For

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Lessons Learned from my Little Brother

To say that I was less than thrilled when I found out my Mom was pregnant is the understatement of my entire life. I, an 11-year-old golden child, was supposed to be happy that a little alien-looking baby was about to take all my Mom’s attention…yeah, no way. I wish I could tell you that… Continue reading Lessons Learned from my Little Brother

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Mom, you aren’t just a Mom. 

“Mom, I just don’t think I ever want kids. I’m selfish and I like it that way. I just don’t get how you do it…like why do you do it??” “Booooog, I want grandkids! And you and Cody are my life. I don’t know who I would be without yall.” I had this conversation with… Continue reading Mom, you aren’t just a Mom.