Dear English Students,

The night before the first day of school I was anxious, excited, and wanted to vomit. I had planned and prepared as much as a perfectionist possibly could and still felt the need to do more. I sat down after sorting through files and color coding my calendar and thought about my “why.” Why did… Continue reading Dear English Students,

Faith · My People

On Pepaw’s Porch

The day of my Granny’s funeral I went and drank coffee on the porch with my Pepaw. He had quickly become a shell of the strong grandpa he once was, so I promised a coffee date in hopes to lift his spirits. As I was leaving I told him to stay strong and to fight.… Continue reading On Pepaw’s Porch

Faith · My People

To My Granny as She Forgets,

*I started this post about 3 months ago shortly after my Granny had a heart attack. She fully recovered, but unfortunately had another heart attack a few weeks ago that she did not survive. It was bittersweet to read this and it has taken some time to post since she passed. However, I am confident… Continue reading To My Granny as She Forgets,


When Your Plate is Full & Your Cup is Empty

I’m tired, y’all. Drained. Exhausted…and I don’t even have kids. (Special shoutout to all the Mommas out there, you go girl!) Life has been one thing after another lately- A sick grandmother, issues finding a rent house, a sick grandfather, a little brother needing encouragement, a run-down car, friends in toxic relationships. From hospital visits… Continue reading When Your Plate is Full & Your Cup is Empty

Faith · Relationships

I’m Tired of Hearing my Friends Say…

When you get a bunch of twenty-something gals together the conversation usually revolves around guys and grub. “How are you and so-and-so?” followed shortly with “Man, I could really go for a large pizza and a DQ Blizzard right now.” Oh good gravy, I love food and I love my friends. I love them so… Continue reading I’m Tired of Hearing my Friends Say…


What I’m Not Looking Forward To

I’m a resolving, goal-setting, planning ahead maniac. I live by lists, check-marks, and highlights. While I’ll brag and say I’m super organized and never, ever miss meetings or deadlines, I’m also constantly looking ahead. The next task. The next goal. The next day. This has become a way of living for many of us–constantly looking… Continue reading What I’m Not Looking Forward To


A Love Letter to my Single Friends

As a 20-something with lots of girlfriends, dating comes up often in conversation. I have four close friends engaged, FOUR. A few of the others are in steady relationships and the rest are attempting to navigate dating as a young adult (AKA the rest are confused as heck). At one time or another they have… Continue reading A Love Letter to my Single Friends